Elite focus on Small and Medium quantities production, SPecially support for Comsummer, Industry and Telecom market. Prototype Price less than $200 each project.
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Rigid board up to 22 layers
Flexible board up to 6 layers
Flex-rigid double & multilayer PCB
Aluminium board PTH
HAL LF/Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead Free,Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver,Immersion Gold,OSP
Selective Plating,Peelable Mask,Carbon Ink Printing,Gold Finger Process,etc.


Items Mass Production  Sample 
Max.Layer Count  16 Layers  22 Layers 
Max.Panel Size  21"x24"  21"x26" 
Max.Board Thickness  3.2mm  4.8mm 
Max.copper Finished Thickness 105 um 140um
Min.Trace Width/Spacing 
Outer Layer  3.5/3.5mils  3/3mils 
Inner Layer  3.5/3.5mils  3/3mils 
Min.Board Thickness  2L:12mils  2L:12mils 
4L:16mils  4L:14mils 
6L:32mils  6L:24mils 
Min.SMT/BGA Pitch  12mils for SMT  12mils for SMT 
24mils for BGA  20mils for BGA 
Min.Drill Size&Aspect Ratio  0.2mm Drill for 0.8mm Thickness(4:1)  0.2mm Drill for 0.8mm Thickness(4:1) 
0.20mm Drill for 1.6mm Thickness(8:1)  0.20mm Drill for 2.0mm Thickness(10:1) 
0.30mm Drill for 2.4mm Thickness(8:1)  0.30mm Drill for 2.4mm Thickness(8:1) 
Surface Finished HASL Lead free HASL Lead free
Selective plating Gold(Au 30u”) Selective plating Gold(Au 50u”)
Immersion Gold(Au 1-4u”) Immersion Gold(Au 2-5u”)
Immersion silver Immersion silver
Chemical Tin Chemical Tin
Gold finger  Gold finger 
Outline Routing, V-cut Routing, V-cut
Punching Punching 
Beveling Beveling
Outline tolerance Routing(+/-5mil ) Routing(+/-4mil )
Punching(+/-6mil )  Punchiing(+/-5mil ) 
Hole Diameter tolerance PTH(+/-3mil ),NPTH(+/-2mil ) PTH(+/-2mil ),NPTH(+/-2mil )
Hole Wall to Conductor(Inner layers) 0.20mm 0.20mm
Hole to Hole Edge Gap 0.80mm 0.80mm
Copper to Board Ege Gap 0.40mm 0.40mm
Image to image tolerance +/-3mil +/-3mil
Controlled Impedance  +/- 10%  +/-7% 
Min.S/M Thickness  0.4 mil  0.6 mil 
Min.Soldermask Dam 8 mil 3 mil
Solder mask registration tolerance +/-2 mil +/-2 mil
Min.Legend line width/space 6 mil 5 mil
Solder mask ink color Green、White、Blue、Black、Red Green、White、Blue、Black、Red

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