Elite focus on Small and Medium quantities production, SPecially support for Comsummer, Industry and Telecom market. Prototype Price less than $200 each project.
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      Pre-production engineering                                                 drill machine                                                                     PTH line


   Automatic pattern plating line                                        PP Automatic cut Machine                                                 Lamination machine               


            Exposure room                                                                  Etching line                                                        Automatic Optical Inspection


                           AOI                                                                          Solder mask room                                                       Pre-Baking Oven


            Silkscreen printing line                                    Automatic immersion gold line                                             HASL lead free line


           CNC routing machine                                                      CNC V-cut machine                                                        Flying probe test


                    E-test line                                                             Final quality analysis                                               Vacuum packing machine


Physics laboratory




         Cu thickness measurement                                           Impedance control                                                         X-ray measurement


                         OGP                                                 Constant temperature and humidity test                                  Ion Contamination Test


          Peeling strength test                                                           Rohs test                                                   High Voltage (DC/AC) & Insulation Test





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