Elite focus on Small and Medium quantities production, SPecially support for Comsummer, Industry and Telecom market. Prototype Price less than $200 each project.
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Our advantages     
All PCB and services are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 and IPC-A600F Standards. We have dedicated staff to give you a fast quote in 24 hours. We are dedicated to offer the quickest leadtime. Prototype parts in 72 hours. High volume parts in 2 to 3 weeks.We take prototype orders,small-volume orders as well as high volume orders.Customer service support is available 24 x 7 x 365 days per year.      
Why Elite     
Advance PCB Technology     
We advanced High-technology up to 22 multi-layers and High-complex boards,Aluminum base PCB.     
Faster Delivery     
Faster delivery time meet customers´needs. It does 100% delivery performance starting from 72 hours.     
Highest Level Service     
Quick Response: very swift response to quotation and engineering consultation.     
Efficient Engineering: Re-checking the Gerber from quotation to manufacturing.     
Reliable After Service : Global 8D report will be provided efficient when met the complaints.     
Excellent Quality     
Unless otherwise specified, IPC-A600G and IPC-6012 class II shall be met. Our plant comply with ISO9001&ISO/TS 16949&UL. Your satisfaction is guaranteed once you choose Elite.     
Competitive Price     
We are not the cheapest in the market. But you won’t find a better price for the quality we offer.      
Environment Policy     
All PCB comply with RoHs and our plant comply ISO14000.     
Our commission

To establish and maintain a presence in the most attractive locations in South of China. Our customers have full confidence in Elite to take care of 100% of their PCB requirements. By adding value through technical support, logistical expertise and other key qualities, we are set on being the most cost-efficient PCB partner in the market. We are also constantly researching and investing in new technologies and processes that will reduce costs and improve quality. More than just being a supplier, Elite wants to be your partner. We seek to be able to understand your needs and respond to them.



Elite Electronic Technology Limited is the best long term partner of your choice !

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